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Hiring a Stylist?

Hiring a Stylist? 4 Things to Consider

I began my personal styling career in 2017, I believed, one day, hiring a stylist would be as commonplace and as normal as hiring a trainer at the gym.  Remember, not long ago, only people with money hired trainers?  Nowadays, everyone can get a trainer to some degree. And it’s not only the rich and famous who can access a trainer at the gym!

Since personal styling is beginning to boom, it has become commonplace for people to actually hire a stylist. People of all means are able to get some form of style help. Hiring a stylist isn’t anywhere near as commonplace as hiring a trainer at the local gym. Although, I think, in time, it will be.

If you have been looking to hire a personal stylist, here are some tips on how to make sure you’re hiring one who can actually do right by you.

First, be clear on your needs.

What are you looking to accomplish by hiring a stylist and what is it that you want a stylist to do for you? Most people would love the opportunity to have someone come in and help them reorganize their closet.  But there has to be a reason or a goal. Often for some, the issues have been that their lack of style sense has been taking up too much of their time and they want to simplify. For others, they may feel like they are in a rut when it comes to their style. And for some, the goals have been to get a promotion, find another job, the reasons are endless.  Hiring a stylist is an investment, a wise one, but few people will do it unless they really have to.  So what is your reason?  A good stylist will be able to hone in on.

Second, make sure your philosophies match.

Look for a stylist where your philosophies match.  You need to feel drawn to a particular stylist for a variety of reasons.  First, you should be able to connect well with this person.  I am not saying you have to be best friends, but you should feel comfortable being around them.  Stylists will invariably see vulnerable points, see you in your underwear and you’ll probably be revealing personal information with them. I connect with my clients on a personal level. You should expect to feel this same level of comfort with your stylist as well. A good stylist should give you their undivided attention and want to help you reach your goals.

Third, look at the services the stylist offers.

The services that a stylist can provide can greatly vary.  I’m a personal stylist, meaning I’ll do everything from style development, shopping with clients, closet audits/organizations, and outfit styling sessions.  Regardless of the services that a stylist offers, they should have enough skill to know what services are right for you and how to move forward.  

Have you been staring at your closet and can’t find anything to wear? Are you worried that your professional image isn’t getting you where you want in your career? Or are you in transition and feel that your look just needs an upgrade? It’s probably the right time to hire a stylist.  Yes, it is an investment, but in the end, you end up saving thousands of dollars because of the styling information you’ve received. Think of the funds you’ve wasted because you bought clothes that truly did not look or fit right. They end up hanging in your closet, unused. We’ve ALL done it!

Fourth, make sure they are advocating for you.

There are many ways you want to make sure a stylist is advocating for you and is on your side.  The first is that you want to be clear whether or not a stylist is in cahoots with a retailer. It has been my policy from the start never to accept a dime from a retailer for bringing my clients to shop with them.  I see this as a conflict of interest because women are already so distrustful of salespeople at the stores.  I want a client to trust me 100%, so I don’t accept commissions, ever. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask.

The other way a stylist should advocate for you is in privacy.  I always change the names and don’t show faces unless permissions are given.  This is something I am incredibly firm about and the stylist-client privacy rule should always be respected.

Bonus, are they listening?

A stylist should also advocate for you by listening.  If a stylist you hire pushes things because they are “trending”, they’re not a good stylist.  A good stylist listens creates a style that is reflective of you, not what is getting running down the runway.  Also, while all stylists have a certain aesthetic, they should be able to create an individualized look for you. One that’s reflective of your style, meaning that they don’t create a cookie cutter look for everyone they work with.  Even if something is not my personal taste, I’ll certainly suggest it to my client because it’s right for them. Lastly, a good stylist advocates for you by being able to keenly focus in on exactly what YOUR style is.

XoXo, Demechi

As you begin your search for your own stylist, I hope these tips will help find your perfect match.  Always remember, a good stylist respects their profession and YOU!