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2019 Holiday Outfit Inspo

With the 2019 holidays coming up, I’ve been thinking about the upcoming events and the outfits I’ll need to put together. Can you believe 2019 is about to come to an end? So have you started planning or is it too early just yet? Frankly, I don’t like being caught off guard and running around trying to come up with the perfect outfit at the last minute!

My first step in this process is to sit down with my calendar and jot down the events I KNOW are automatically on the agenda every year like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve. That’s on EVERYONE’S calendar, right?

So with these 3 dates in mind, I’ve put my outfits together and a few more to have on standby for last minute invites to any festive parties that are sure to come! So let’s dive in…

Thanksgiving Day

First up, Thanksgiving, this one can be problematic. Why? Well, because I want to be the cutest I can be but comfortable enough to allow for…over-stuffing! Hey, let’s be real a minute! I TRY to refrain at Thanksgiving but 9 outta 10 times, I fail miserably and end up wishing for sweatpants! Sweats are okay but face it, they’re not the ‘bestest’ of looks! Insert *internal giggle*

This year, I’m opting for a little more of the casual side because this is a wonderful time to spend the day with my loved ones and I want to be completely comfortable but a little chic too! So I’m opting for my black moto jacket, black v-neck sweater, leopard pleated skirt, pointed toe booties and fringe bag. Yes, I will be completely comfortable!!

Christmas Day

Next up Christmas! Another day to feel comfy around family and friends but fabulous too! Christmas just screams lux velvets, shiny fabrics, and of course, sequins! This is usually a very casual day for our family but I love dressing up just a smidge, well, because it makes ME feel good! And frankly, that’s all that matters! Besides, you know there will be photo ops, so why not? So this year, I think this will be my choice for Christmas. I’ll sport my silver metallic pleated skirt, a fun sweater from H&M, pointed toe booties, and my newest purse addition I’m calling my ‘Iris Clutch’. It just reminds me of Iris Apfel in sequin! If you haven’t heard of Iris, what rock are you living under?

New Year's Day

Last but not least, NYE! We really never have ‘set’ plans but usually always end up at a party somewhere! So, I’m going to ring in the new year in sparkly style. What’s a new year without ‘sparkle’, am I right?!?! This year is especially exciting because I’m thrilled to see what 2020 will bring for Silver Mane Consulting! With that in mind, I’ll have a little something sparkly in this years outfit, a sequin body-con dress with my velvet duster, metallic flats and a ‘chanelesque’ cross-body with little pearl details! I completely forgot to list my jewelry options but that is usually something I decide the day of because I never really know what I’ll feel like that day. 

2019 holiday outfit thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Outfit
2019 holiday outfit christmas
Christmas Outfit
2019 holiday outfits new year
New Year's Outfit

2019 Holiday outfits to have on the ready this year will include 1 super caz (casual in case you’re wondering), 1 smart caz, and 1 dressy so I’m prepared for ANY event that potentially could arise! This is what I’ll have on standby…

2019 holiday outfit super casual
Super Casual Outfit
2019 Holiday Outfit smart casual
Smart Casual Outfit
2019 holiday outfit new years eve
Dressy Outfit

So there you have it. 6 festive outfits for this years ‘festive’ time of year! I’m curious, will you be prepared or stressing over it in the last minutes? I absolutely abhor holiday stress so the less stress the better! I hope you have the happiest holiday season ahead!

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