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Acceptance, why is it so hard? As I’m working with clients in their body shape analysis and wardrobes, I am finding how much women are unhappy even hating parts of their body.

What parts of your body are you ashamed of and WHY? Are you letting the influence of music, movies, magazines, models, or commercials shape your mindset regarding your body? The messaging we’re bombarded with on the daily, is so crazy! This is the FIRST thing we need to change in our lives. Do you understand the industry makes millions from making you unhappy with your body? Just imagine if you were completely happy with your body shape, would you spend any money to fix it? NO, you would not!

Needed Change

Just Stop It!

Who didn't want to look like Twiggy, Cheryl Tiegs, Farrah Fawcett, and Jerry Hall

Twiggy in Pink
Cheryl in Coral
Farrah in Red
Jerry in Black

We really need to re- think how we feel about any part of our bodies. Are you internally listening to negative self-talk?  I know for myself, I grew up thinking my body was just wrong because I wasn’t this teeny tiny human. My genetics gave me a large frame compared to the skinny models like Twiggy, Cheryl Tiegs, Farrah Fawcett, and Jerry Hall. I would NEVER measure up to these beautiful women because it was just physically impossible. I was on a roller coaster ride of dieting as a teenager and didn’t realize how time consuming it became. Looking back at pictures of my younger self, I looked incredible! I was healthy despite all of the yo-yo dieting. Oh, if I could talk to my younger self, I guarantee the first thing I would tell her is, “You look fantastic so stop wasting time trying to be something you will never be! It’s genetically impossible! Enjoy every day and have FUN because it WILL pass in the blink of an eye!”

I know for myself, I always struggled with my weight. I was NEVER happy with my aging body. My thunder thighs, belly pouch, and upper arms were forever making me cringe when looking in the mirror. I unknowingly used negative self-talk BIG time! It wasn’t until my mid-forties I made the decision that enough was enough. I would replace the negative with positive! So the journey to body acceptance began.

My Journey

I won’t tell you it was easy because it wasn’t! 30 plus years of negativity isn’t going to change in a day! I simply started with looking in the mirror every day and vocally telling myself to STOP IT! I replaced, ‘God I hate my thighs!’ with ‘Look at those healthy thighs. They took me to some fantastic places in my life!’ Instead of, ‘Look at the flab around my stomach, DISCUSTING!’ I verbally said, “remember the beautiful babies YOU brought into the world!’ That one instantly brought a smile to my face! As well as remembering all the times my strong upper arms allowed me to hug and cuddle those same babies! <3

Did I believe this new positive self-talk in the beginning? No, it took some time for my mind to catch up to my voice but once it did, I look at myself totally different today. It’s my body, no one else looks exactly like me. Yes, it has many scars from the 55 years of life but I’m okay with it. Each scar represents a memory of a valuable lesson learned at the time. Today, I love my body. Does that mean I’ve stopped trying to improve on it? No, I want my body to be healthy so I will always try to eat better, exercise more, continue with positive self-talk, and block as much outside ‘negativity’ as possible. Who needs it!!!


So I want to challenge you. Start talking to yourself with positive messages today. It may take days, weeks, even months for your mind to catch up with your self-talk but keep doing it every time you look in the mirror. It only takes a few extra seconds! And let me tell you, you’re worth it! Once your mindset takes hold of the positive, you will find you’re okay with your body and one day you may actually love it!

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