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I will post style advice and tips on my ‘Blog’ once a month and sometimes more. You can find all of my articles in the Archives section below. I discuss everything from things to consider when hiring a stylist to fashion trends to closet ideas and much more. Actually, there aren’t many subjects or topics that I won’t be covering so be sure to check in every month for my latest post! 

What topics are you interested in or would like for me to cover? Please feel free to send an email with your topic or idea and I’ll be happy to look into it!

Do You Know Your Body Shape?

The difference between knowing and not knowing…makes all the difference in the world! It can make or break an outfit! For years, I would put together an outfit that would look bangin’ and I would get compliments galore from complete strangers. The next day, different outfit, nothing. In fact, I’d get asked ‘are you feeling okay?’ It always left me scratching my head and so frustrated as to why one looked so spot on and another not so much. Especially because I thought both were so cute! I mean, who doesn’t want to be walking around town looking the cutest

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Holiday Outfit Inspo

2019 Holiday Outfit Inspo

With the 2019 holidays coming up, I’ve been thinking about the upcoming events and the outfits I’ll need to put together. Can you believe 2019 is about to come to an end? So have you started planning or is it too early just yet? Frankly, I don’t like being caught off guard and running around trying to come up with the perfect outfit at the last minute! My first step in this process is to sit down with my calendar and jot down the events I KNOW are automatically on the agenda every year like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve.

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Acceptance, why is it so hard? As I’m working with clients in their body shape analysis and wardrobes, I am finding how much women are unhappy even hating parts of their body. What parts of your body are you ashamed of and WHY? Are you letting the influence of music, movies, magazines, models, or commercials shape your mindset regarding your body? The messaging we’re bombarded with on the daily, is so crazy! This is the FIRST thing we need to change in our lives. Do you understand the industry makes millions from making you unhappy with your body? Just imagine

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Wardrobe Basics

11 Top Wardrobe Basics

Wardrobe basics…what’s that? These are the pieces that help your wardrobe function well together. I know it’s not exciting to shop for but they are the foundation pieces that will be the ‘bones’ of your closet and the best place to start building your wardrobe, is with wardrobe basics.This isn’t an area I would scrimp on because you will wear them a lot and you do want them to stand up to that while continuously looking great in the process. With that being said, stay within your budget and get the best value you can afford. At the end of

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detox pile

The Closet Detox

The closet detox. I get it, some hate the thought of trying to weed through their clothing and others love the idea of pairing down. And personally, I love helping women in this area. I get such gratification from helping make women’s lives easier through daily, effortless dressing.But to get there, you must first remove items of clothing that don’t serve you, your body, or lifestyle. Things that make you say, “ummm, no, I don’t think so” as you look in the mirror, definitely have to go. Here are the top 4 things to get out of your closet now: Clothes That

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closet hangers

1 Simple Addition

1 Simple Addition For a Prettier Closet It’s really a small cost to invest into some hangers that will make a huge difference in your closet’s aesthetic besides the fact they are functional as well! I find using velvet covered hangers are not only pretty space savers, they are functional too. Now days, you can find velvet covered hangers just about anywhere. They are more than likely at your local retailers. I have found them at Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Tuesday Mornings, Target, The Container Store, and even at Lowes and Home Depot. And then you can google it

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