Welcome to my Corner

Blogging About Wardrobes and Lifestyles

Welcome to my corner of the interweb where I am blogging about tips on all things wardrobe, style, and lifestyle. However a few little fun extras along the way just may happen. You never know what may come up that I will feel the need to share. Since this is my space, please let me indulge. Who knows, it may very well be something you will enjoy! I always welcome all conversations around the monthly topics or if there is something specific you would like me to address, please let me know! You can either leave it in the comments of the blog post or email me with my ‘Contact’ form in the Menu Bar above. I’ll pretty much guarantee all topics will be addressed! But please remember this is my corner so be nice and if you can’t be, then skip it! Because I don’t tolerate rudeness very well.

Planned Schedule

My current plan is to post monthly blogs on all sorts of topics. Everything related to wardrobes, closets, and style will be listed in the Wardrobe BLOG catagory. Anything related to lifestyle things will be listed in the Lifestyle BLOG catagory. Both catagories are below. Click the images and enjoy!

XoXo, Demechi