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Closet Detox & 5 Day Challenge


The Closet Detox Challenge! It’s time to Detox our closets! It’s nothing new. Women have been clearing out their closets since clothes closets actually became a thing in the late 1800’s. In fact, the first clothes closets were built in the 1880’s in The Dakota apartment building in NYC! The Dakota used closets to appeal and attract wealthy tenets. Talk about a selling feature!

the dakota
The Dakota Apartment Bldg, NYC
dakota apartments
The Dakota Apartment Bldg, NYC


So what’s the purpose of clearing out your closets in the first place? There are many reasons but for me, it’s the preparation and the refreshing feeling of organization. I’ll be honest here, my closet looks fabulous at the start of each seasonal swap out but by the end of it, let’s just say not so much! As hard as I try throughout the season, it inevitably ends up in disarray compared to the start. However, since I do this detox twice a year, it looks pretty fab most of the time. What I don’t do is beat myself up about it and neither should you!


You can easily find many methods to help with this task as I have in the past. My Closet Detox is a little bit garnered from a few sources that I found very helpful. I’ve been working this method for a few years and have it down to a science now. With my method, you only do this 2 times a year. The best part, it only takes a day (2 at most)to accomplish a detox. Now I’m sharing it with all of you!

The Challenge

I tested my ‘challenge’ this past fall season with 2 ladies and it worked pretty damn wonderful! I decided to do a 5 day closet detox challenge as my way of helping women all over do the same mundane mission by:

  1. Get it done as painless as possible
  2. Make it an enjoyable experience

I break it down into bite-sized missions each day and at the end of 5 days, your closet is ready, set, to GO! It will give you outfits for the next 182 days, easy peasy!

The challenge begins Wednesday, March 24th and runs through Sunday, March 28th. Of course, you can follow along and tackle each mission to work with your personal schedule. In other words, if you don’t have time that week, do it when it fits into your time frame. You can also grab a pen and pad, take notes then do it whenever it suits you best. The great thing about the Detox Challenge is it is flexible!

How It Works

Here’s the nitty gritty deets…First, you will receive the introduction email on March 22nd. Each day after, you will receive an email each morning with a link to the that days mission video for the full 5 days. I have covered all the bases and it should be super easy to understand. However, if you have ANY questions, suggestions, or comments, you can ALWAYS email me!

Join the challenge private FB group where you will have access to me throughout the process. I will also have a ‘live’ at the end of the challenge to wrap things up.

Until next time, XoXo,
CEO & Personal Stylist

PS. If you would like to join the Closet Detox challenge, click here and subscribe!

PSS. Check out the Module Formula before we start. It will get your mind in the right framework to make the most of the challenge!

Next month is all about basics, we will be covering why wardrobe basics are so important!…Stay tuned! 
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