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Color! Do you know your palette?

Do you know your color palette?

Do you even know why it is important? Did you know, it’s the first critical step for a fully, functional wardrobe? Let’s go over a few facts as to why color is important! It’s one of the starting points you really should consider!

Wardrobes Built Around Color Create:

  1. Harmony
  2. Seamless outfits
  3. Youthful appearance
  4. Purchasing power
  5. Time saving

This is only 5 important factors however there are SO many more! Let’s dive in for a closer look…

1. Harmony


If you build your wardrobe based on your own color palette, it will create harmony. Meaning, everything in your closet will go together. Imagine every clothing article will effortlessly work with the next piece. Depending on your mood for the day, you may want to wear a skirt. Ok, now what to put with it? Pick any top, sweater, or outer layer and SHAZAM, it coordinates without having to think about it! Your color palette creates your color story!

2. Seamless Outfits

With your color story in place, anything you choose to wear will mix and match seamlessly with everything else! This gives you the greatest ease when deciding what you want to wear. No more ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome! Let me tell you, it is the best stress reliever in the world. You can sleep easier when you know in the morning, there will be an appropriate outfit to match your mood for the day!

3. Youthful Appearance

Now this one facet I listed because who doesn’t want to look more youthful? Not only that but you will look rested and refreshed. When you are wearing your colors, your skin will look smoother and even glow WITHOUT makeup. You will enjoy brighter teeth and eyes. (Bet you didn’t know the wrong colors can make your eyes and teeth look yellow…) You will also note healthier, shinier hair that seems more vibrant. 

4. Purchasing Power

Color Wallet
Color wallet

Getting a Color Analysis will save you so much money in the long run. With your Color Wallet in hand, it stops buying clothing that’s not in your colors. At the makeup counter, you will know what colors work for blush, eye shadow, foundation, and lipstick, taking all of the guesswork out!

5. Time Savings

I’m sure you can see the time saving involved in the first four points. Spending a few minutes getting dressed and less time in the stores is enough for me. Less time spent on makeup shopping is another advantage to knowing your colors.

Lastly, Value!

If you DON’T know your color palette, the time to invest in yourself is NOW!

Yes, it is an investment but one that will pay you back in no time! Everything you purchase in the future (ie: clothing, accessories, and makeup) will work because they will BE in your Color Palette!  

It takes stress away, something you’ll never have to purchase again, and will have it for the rest of your life. No, your color palette doesn’t change. As you age, the intensity of the colors may lighten but the colors never change!

Find someone who is trained specifically in color analysis. I personally was trained by the best in the industry. I can tell you, trusting friends or a retail salesperson will only leave you wearing colors that may or may not be in your actual palette. The problem with untrained people, they lean toward colors THEY like and a salesperson, well they are out to sell. They are not trained in the nuances of color like someone professionally trained….ask me how I know.

Funny Story...

I've been analyzed as a Winter, Spring , AND an Autumn but never once a Summer! I tried wearing the colors I liked
from each of the palettes to see what they looked like on me. I settled with the Autumn colors mostly because I LOVED
orange and olive in those days. The funny part, every time I donned my favorite colors, invariably I was asked if I
felt ok. I even was sent home from work one day because they 'thought' I was coming down with something!! When I
decided to get a 'real' professional color analysis, I found out I was a True Summer and (after the shock)
I DO look my best in them.
Now professionally trained myself, orange next to my face is my 'death look'! No wonder I was sent home, hahahaha!
The differences are remarkable!!

So if you haven’t had a color analysis or feel like you may have been analyzed incorrectly, I would be honored to help!

See ‘Color Analysis’ under the ‘Work With Me’ tab or simply ‘click here’.

I currently do 5 Color Analysis per month, so if it’s ‘currently unavailable’, get on the ‘waiting list’ by clicking here and be the first to know the next availability.

I hope this helps guide you to an easier wardrobe because it truly makes a world of difference! As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! Email me at demechi@silvermane.biz

Until next time, 


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