Meet Demechi

meet demechi

My Journey to Personal Styling...

reflections of demechi
Reflecting back, I’ve always loved fashion from an early age. I think it was from watching my grandmother getting dressed in the mornings, sometimes to go absolutely no where, but she looked fabulous all the same! Even though I was only around her in the summertime, it made such an impression on me. I really miss the ol’ days where women just looked fashionably fabulous everyday no matter the occasion. Wow, they were so ‘put together’!
Over the years, I have fallen into the same trap I see most women in today. I don’t want to say we gave up but in reality, I think that’s exactly what happened. Pondering this one morning as I stood in front of my closet (jam-packed with ALL sorts of clothes), I mumbled, “I have NOTHING to wear!” How can this be? I have enough clothes to outfit 50 women but I can’t even come up with one single outfit? How did our grandmother’s generation do it…
So first step, I set out to get everything organized. But HOW? After several attempts, I wasn’t happy with the results which lead me to a YouTube search of course! There I found loads of ‘how to’ videos. I tried several of the tips but it really wasn’t making the changes I wanted. Once I found a particular YouTuber, Bingo! I LOVED her system of organizing!
Second step, there were so much that didn’t fit right and I had no idea why. Not to mention all of the pieces that didn’t go with anything!  So I began the dreaded ‘purge’. I learned everything I could about cuts, fit, capsule wardrobes and modules, I was hooked! All my life I was taught by models, media, and society as a whole, to figure out how to make my body fit into the ‘coveted’ hour-glass shape. So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered a much more authentic way.
My AH-HA moment came when I started having complete strangers stop to give me the sweetest compliments, daily!  Every single woman in the world should experience that. AND it IS possible to have clothes they love, a beautifully organized closet so they never speak the words of ‘I have NOTHING to wear’ again. So I set out to study as much as possible and received my Personal Stylist Certificate. Absolutely amazed and equipped with this new information, here I am. Setting out to make a difference in women’s lives with transformations from the outside, in! When you discover your unique, authentic style, you will witness first-hand, you’re more confident, dynamic, and eloquently able to rise to any of life’s challenges!
THIS is the driving force seeing me through my journey of personal styling…