If the image above looks familiar, then you may need a Closet Detox!

Clearing out your closet is a daunting task so following these 5 tips will hopefully make it easier. Getting rid of the items that no longer serve the style vision you have for yourself is actually freeing!

My suggestion is to take at least a day to complete each tip! I actually do this myself and with my clients, why? Because it makes the whole detox as easy as possible. However, it you are a full on go-getter, by all means, knock yourself out! I have done it myself but it definitely left me drained, lol!

5 Tips to Detoxing your closet:

1. Plan It

Planning is way overlooked too often. When thinking about the style you want for yourself, what does that look like? I suggest spending some time to get clear on this. It doesn’t need to be days on end, just spend an hour or two and really hone in on what you like style wise.

What fits with your lifestyle? If you’re a stay at home mom, it’s not feasible to dress like a ‘9 to 5’ career woman. Heels won’t work chasing after the littles.

The same for a 9 to 5 career woman. You wouldn’t want to show up to work in jeans and sneakers. Trust me, you’ll never see those promotions.

Start by making a Pinterest Board and label it ‘My Personal Style’. Start pinning your favs! Find the commonalities between the looks you pin. This will give you an idea of the style you desire.

2. Organize

Time to organize! Start by getting all of the like items together by putting all of your tops together. I like to color coordinate from lightest to darkest from shortest sleeve length to the longest sleeve length.

It makes it so much easier to locate your items with a quickness. Now tackle your outer layers, pants, skirts, dresses and organize, organize, organize.

3. Detox 1st Session

Okay, organization is complete, it’s time to start the Detox! Let’s start with outer layers, tops, and dresses!  Try on each and every item then ask yourself these 4 questions:

A. Is it in my color palette? IE: I look healthy, younger, and glow! 

*If you don’t know your color palette, I can help you out, see how by clicking here.

B. Is the fit perfect? IE: The details hit in the most flattering area for your body shape, not too tight, not too loose, length too long or too short, is it worth altering…

C. Does it serve the vision I have for my style and can I style it 3 different ways? Refer back to Tip#1!

D. Do I feel fabulous in this item? IE: it’s either a Hell YES or a it’s hell no!

If the answer to any of these questions is a NO, then it’s time to go! Either donate, consign, discard, or whatever but it HAS to go. It does NOT deserve a spot in your closet!!!

4. Detox 2nd Session

Finishing up the Detox. Now that you’ve made it through the outer layers, tops, and dresses, it’s time to tackle the rest. Asking the same questions from Tip#3, tackle the bottoms, all the pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, any thing you put on your bottom half!

Get set and GO!

5. Accessories

Accessories need to be addressed now. The term ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is a thing! 

When items are in a box, drawer, or cabinet, you are less likely to think about them when deciding on your outfit. Accessories can completely change the overall look of an outfit. If you don’t see them, you won’t use them!

Think about how and where they can be on display. Shelves are fabulous for showcasing shoes and purses but have you thought about placing your favorite jewelry on display too. There are numerous displays on Amazon ie: stands, busts, rotating holders, that work beautifully! I personally use this fantastic wall mounted cabinet for my jewelry and visit it everyday when getting dressed! 

Put your thinking cap on, do your research, and find what works best for you!  

~DISCLAIMER: Because I have to say this: I can not guarantee or warrant results. Each end result will greatly depend on you and the amount of time you dedicated to each daily mission.