Well, yes and no. I am very respectful of your time/funds and want you to get the most from our session. Doing the closet detox will decrease the amount of time I will have to spend sorting through your items to find your hidden gems.

You will first receive our Style Profile via email within 48 hours. This will need to be completed and returned to me before I schedule our 30 minute initial conference call. Please see ‘The Process‘ for more detailed information.

Through body analysis from the pictures you will provide. Your body will tell me everything I need to know to help you find your unique personal style.

Absolutely not! Before our shopping session, we will have already discussed the budget that you set. I will work diligently to stay within that budget. But you are in no way obligated to purchase anything!

Please, PLEASE, I would ask that you express your dislike of an item so I can choose another item for you, that’s why I’m here. There will be instances where you may not like an item, it won’t hurt my feelings at all for you to express it! I have to know in order to find something else for you. Remember we are creating YOUR style and I would NEVER want you to purchase anything that you are not in LOVE with!

Gift Certificates may be used on any current solutions offered. There are no exclusions.

Good question. If you take into consideration the amount of time I’ll be investing into each client, the pricing really isn’t that expensive. The monthly subscription price covers alot of behind the scene programs that enable me to provide you with this level of service to help you look your best. 

Absolutely! You will be able to discontinue your subscription by signing into ‘My Account’ and cancelling the subscription anytime.

You may cancel by visiting your ‘My Account’ tab under ‘Subscriptions’ and cancel it there. If you have ANY questions or problems with the process, be sure to email us and let us know!

Your virtual closet will actually never go away! The latest ‘saved’ closet, before the cancellation, will remain on our servers. This way, if you decide to reinstate your subscription at a future date, you will basically pick up exactly where you left it.