Module Formula

Module Formula Explained

I’m showing 2 modules from my own closet below to demonstrate how the formula works.

FIRST, if you don’t know your  colors to look your absolute best, please consider getting a Color Analysis first and foremost! This is the VERY first step I recommend to all of my personal clients before building their wardrobe!

Choosing a color palette to work with is essential for mixing and matching outfits together seemlessly. I recommend choosing 3 to 4 ‘base’ colors and 2 or 3 accent colors to start. Here is the palette I’m working with for my modules:

Color Palette
Color Palette for Fall/Winter Modules


Each module should ideally co-ordinate with the next. This is the secret to building unlimited outfits!

This can be a challenge so give yourself some grace initially. Once you have several modules under your belt, it will get easier!

Fall Module
Winter Module

With the 2 modules above, I’ll show the 16 outfits I’m able to create from each module of 6 items. 

Fall Module Outfits

Winter Module Outfits

Fall Module
Winter Module

Here are 16 potential outfits when combining the first module with the second. I’m not showing all of the outfit potentials however there are potentially over 100+ outfits with JUST 12 clothing items! Mind blowing, I know!!

Combined Module Outfits

Combined Fall and Winter Modules

So there you have it! Over 100+ outfit possibilities with ONLY 12 pieces of clothing items.

When you add different accessories (ie: shoes, purses, jewelry), you can change the looks of each outfit giving a different look and feel. This means creating MORE outfits!!

Now I KNOW you ladies can come up with at least 1 module from your existing wardrobe. Give it a try!

If you’re having trouble with it, here are 2 of my solutions to help you out, OUTFIT 911 and Outfit ReStyle! I would be honored and more than happy to help get you started!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this incredible Module Formula and let me know what you think about it! For me, when I learned how it works, I immediately saw where it would save me LOADS of money. Then I figure with the savings, I can start looking at investment pieces because the quality totally beats the fast fashion’s less than desirable quality. Plus they will out-last cheaper substitutes in the long run, hence, investment!

Just one other thought…remember, the process of building a fully, functional, ‘make you feel fabulous’ wardrobe, takes time… It’s not going to happen overnight! So begin where you are because it will only happen if you start taking baby steps now!

I look forward to sharing more tips with you but until then, let me know if you have any questions when you dive in!

PS. If your closet is so stuffed to the point you can’t find what you’re looking for, here are my tips to detox it NOW!

Sending good vibes Xoxo,