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Natural Skincare

Natural Skincare

Hello beautiful Hauties, we are talking natural skincare this month! I decided to share my experience, the regime, and most importantly, the results I have seen from using the Peaches Skincare products for the past six months. I’m astounded and really want to share with you ladies who may be a bit conscientious of the products they put on their skin. After all, our skin is the largest organ of our bodies so why would you not be as concerned about what you put on it as you are about what you put in it?

You may be asking, ‘what does this have to do with personal style?’ As a Personal Stylist, I will say it has everything to do with personal style! Yes, you can definitely style yourself to look your best but if your skin isn’t in tip top shape, all the clothing in the world will not cover that up. This is just another aspect of feeling confident! You should know by now, I’m all about helping women look their best, feel their best, and feel confident!

The Industry

The cosmetic/industry pushes products, IMO, that creates damage. Not to mention, the products don’t live up to the hype. Have you ever found anything that doesn’t end up in your wrinkles or lines at the of the day? Yeah, me neither! Once you’re using their products from an early age, you wake up one day and see skin that looks way older than it should. Never fear, the same industry is now anxiously awaiting to sell you yet more products to combat the damage that THEIR products created in the first place… Do you see the hamster wheel effect?

They don’t want you to know that natural products (sometimes already in your pantry) are way more superior AND actually work better than anything they produce. Let’s just say there is a multi billion dollar industry to uphold!

Natural Skincare YouTuber

Soon to be 57, I really wasn’t happy with the way my skin was looking. It always appeared dull not to mention the age/sun spots and the wrinkles no matter what products I used. I know, wrinkles are to be expected at 57 but they really were becoming SO pronounced. Although I’ve not ever be much of a skin nazi (mainly because I haven’t found products I absolutely loved) I thought it may be time to start my search yet once again.

In January ’21, I stumbled upon a new YouTuber’s channel. I immediately went to her website to research more about the company. I do pay attention to companies, the value they add, and their ethical practices before I decide to support said company. I was quite impressed with what I found  and went back to subscribed to their YouTube channel. (I suggest you do as well because you will learn a LOT!) You see, I have been on the hunt for a natural skincare regime for years and haven’t found a line that I could 100% get behind. The products were either substandard or simply didn’t give the promised results I wanted. That is until… now!

Meet Lisa Pfeiffer!

I reached out to Lisa (the owner) to do an interview of her and her company, she agreed to answer a few questions. Without further ado, I’ll introduce Lisa Pfeiffer and Peaches Skincare! So let’s dive into this natural skincare line and let’s have a conversation with the owner, Lisa!

Peaches Skincare
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Lisa Pfeiffer
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Interview with Lisa

Who is Peaches?   Lisa: We are a holistic skin care company with 3 salons that teach beauty and aging naturally. We make our own skin care products and we use only the finest natural and organic ingredients that are small batched. We also give personal attention to our clients both in the salon and on social media. 

What are some of the core values of your brand?   Lisa: Honesty, integrity and compassion. Teaching men and women to love themselves at a deeper level than just their outside appearance. I teach Wabi Sabi… embracing the imperfections of life, in ourselves, and in aging… it’s a gift.

As a woman owned business, what have been the biggest struggles in your industry/business?   Lisa: Unfortunately the cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists (many are men). They are afraid of natural because it works and they would lose business. We see so many clients that come in after having a procedure and they are so unhappy and depressed because it was not what they thought. They didn’t love themselves enough inside. We also see men and women that don’t know when to stop out of panic and pressure. However I do have several compassionate and ethical physicians that refer to us and believe very much in supporting holistic. Both can work well together. 

Any advice you would give to a young entrepreneur wanting to break into your industry?   Lisa: Find a mentor! Listen, learn, and check your ego at the door. 😉

A bit more personal...

Is there one thing you want people to know about you, that they may not already know  Lisa: I know skin and I can help you with ANYTHING if you have some faith and patience. I have a huge heart and I think people can’t believe someone like me cares that much… but I do. I would help anyone that needed it. I have been on my own since 16 and I have worked hard to rewrite the story of my life. I am nothing without compassion and empathy.

Demechi: I can personally attest to this about Lisa. She is very compassionate!!


My Experience with Peaches Skincare

When I started using Peaches on January 27, 2021, I didn’t think to take ‘before’ pictures until March 31, but you can still see the main areas of concern. I’m also including the April, May, and June pictures as well. Amazed at the progress so far, I can not wait to see my ‘year of Peaches’ photos! If you want to know more about the regime I am following, check out the Prescription Sheet by CLICKING HERE to go to the Peaches Skin Care website. It is a step by step outline of the order to use each product.

Let's Change the Story

In conclusion, if you find yourself on that wheel, let me tell you there is a better way… It’s called Peaches! I can’t tell you how awesome it is to get up, do my regime, get dressed, apply mascara, sunscreen, a bit of lip color, and I’m out the door enjoying my day!

Let’s help Lisa change the story. Hopefully, we can save our younger sisters from the damage they will ultimately end up with AND save them loads of money to invest in more important things like, oh I don’t know, maybe finding their own unique personal styleCLICK HERE if you need help! 😉

Thank you so much, Lisa, for agreeing to this interview! I wish you MUCH success in your business and I’m sending all the positive vibes your way! 

And to everyone else… Until next time,



<——Me today with

ONLY sunscreen, mascara,

and some lip color!

Ps. If you are considering giving Peaches Skincare a try, Lisa is giving our readers a 10% discount by using code: KEEPITPEACHY

Pss. You can also follow Lisa and Peaches Skincare on YouTube, Instagram, and FaceBook.

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