The Process

In the process, I will discuss the progression of each solution offered. I want this to be a smooth process for you so you’ll look and feel fabulous in no time. 

Free Initial Consultation!

I’m offering a free initial consultation in case you’re just not sure of the best solution for you. Let’s chat and figure out where you are in your current style…

In Order to Dress for Success…

What does that even mean? My first thought, dressing for a successful career BUT what’s wrong with dressing for success in everyday life?

There is NOTHING wrong with just wanting to feel cute everyday! We tend to throw on anything to us get through the our day without even looking in the mirror sometimes. However, I believe when you dress up and show up, the outcomes are always better. With this in mind, you may be asking…

So where do I begin?

Look over our ‘Solutions’ to find the best fit for your current situation OR schedule a free initial consultation. I’ll help you decide the best place to start the process.

Our Solutions

In-Person Solutions

Event Styling

Body Type Analysis

Personality Analysis

Mini Re~Style

Full Makeover

Online Solutions

Event Styling

Body Type Analysis

Personality Analysis

Mini Re~Style


The Process

First ~ Closet Detox

This is your homework before we can work magic in your closet, together. (The process of the detox/purge is not required but highly recommended!)   Click HERE to begin.

Second ~ Style Profile with Pictures

You will receive a Style Profile* via email. You will only need to complete the profile once (put as much thought into it as possible) upload the requested pictures (Instructions below) and ‘submit’. From here you will be able to directly access your virtual closet. I suggest bookmarking it on your computer, ipad, or smartphone for future access. 

*Profiles will be kept on file for future solutions.

Picture Instructions:

Dress in form fitting clothes such as athletic wear or fitted biker shorts and a tank. Choose a blank wall preferably white or light in color for the background. Stand with your arms relaxed, feet shoulder width apart, and weight evenly distributed. For the first picture, have a friend take a full body frontal view picture while holding the camera/phone at or about waist level for a straight on shot.  For the second picture, turn to the side with the same posture for a full body profile view picture. The third picture, take a close up of your ‘makeup free’ face with hair pulled back completely off of your face in a ponytail or a headband.

Third ~ Consult

Once I receive your submission, we will schedule a phone consultation that will last approx. 30 minutes to discuss your profile. So grab a latte (or a glass of wine) and let’s chat.

I will create a virtual style board based on your profile and phone conversation and I will email it to you within 5 business days.  I want to be sure we are on the same page and heading in the right direction with your style goals before moving to the next step of the process.  (Event Styling: Email will also include the recommended purchases for the event.)

Fourth ~ Body Type and/or Personality Analysis

Now it’s time for the information that’s worth it’s weight in GOLD! This is the best part of the process. We are going to learn about YOU!

In-Person Solution: We will discuss your body type and/or personality, what works and what doesn’t. I’ll show you tips and tricks for dressing yourself so you’ll feel fabulous in knowing you’ll look fantastic in every outfit you put together from now on. You’ll learn what to look for while shopping to find your best pieces. I will follow up and include everything discussed in a virtual download and email the document to you within 5 business days of our meeting.

Online Solution: The process is the same as the in-person solution above only it will take place via Zoom or Skype. 

Fifth ~ Mini Re~Style or Full Makeover

With these Solutions, we will discuss the directions we will take together on this journey. Everything is outlined in the description of each solution. This will take place either in person or via Zoom depending on your physical location.

Sixth ~ Stylist Access

I want to ensure you are feeling completely comfortable in your new signature style. So with every solution, the access duration is outlined within the ‘solution description’ and I will be available for any questions you may have pop up.  Whether it is questions about outfits, styling, shopping, really just whatever,  I’ve got you covered!

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