Body Type Analysis


Learn your Body Shape and how to style it perfectly!


Don't know your shape? Here's your

In the days of ole’, women were taught what cuts and lines looked best for their own body shape. Today it seems there has been something lost. But there are solutions to help IF you find yourself struggling to find clothes that look great on you. It’s all about how lines manipulate your form giving a less than appealing silhouette. When you discover your true body type and learn how to dress it for the most flattering effect, you will be astounded how easy shopping becomes. After you’re dressed, look in the mirror and if you’re not thinking, ‘Damn, I look good’, it’s time to change it, now! Once you gain this invaluable knowledge, it’s sure to give you a boost of confidence and put a little pep in your step as you go through your day! 

This solution is for you IF you’re completely comfortable with your current image and style but struggle to find the right cut or fit BUT if you struggle with EVERYTHING around your person style, take a look at our Personality Solution it’s more in-depth AND the best bang for your buck!

Include with this Solution:

  • Your specific body shape and silhouette.
  • Knowledge on how to dress your shape.
  • Walk through outfit examples for your silhouette while showing what works and what doesn’t.
  • Show examples of what cuts, fabrics, and prints are best for your shape.
  • Give shopping tips on what to look out for while shopping.
  • Show multiple celebrity examples of your silhouette.
  • Help with ways to embrace your shape and silhouette.


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