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Color Analysis


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Are you finding a lot of black in your wardrobe? I get it, black is versatile, makes you look slimmer, and will go with pretty much everything, right? However, here’s the thing, did you know that it is the wrong color for most women and tends to age you?

Currently Unavailable


Our Color Analysis Solution is currently unavailable.

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If you’ve been looking to have your colors done, you’ve likely poured over tutorials and images over the internet. You may have even had a color analysis done years ago, but want to see if things are the same. Or perhaps you can’t remember what your color palette was. There are a lot of great perks to trying our color analysis solution and to name just a few:

  • Look more youthful.
  • Smooth out your skin tones.
  • Get an instant healthy glow.
  • Brighten the whites of your eyes and teeth naturally.
  • Understanding what colors are best in your wardrobe and accessories.
  • Creating a wardrobe that flawlessly mixes and matches.
  • Only select pieces for your wardrobe that you know will make you look great.
  • Give your hair a healthier and shinier look.
  • Saving time and money when shopping.
  • AND having that “wow” factor effortlessly!

You will immediately notice all of these things as soon as you put your perfect colors on. It truly is an ‘instant’ face lift that will have you looking years younger. Don’t be surprised if family and friends begin to ask ‘what you’ve been doing?’ It’s that impressive and who doesn’t want that?

Once you know your colors, the first place you should start with purchasing is with your basics. See my blog about the 11 Top Wardrobe Basics if you need a little guidance.


  1. I’ll email a request for pictures of your face and eyes with no makeup on with specific requirements for the pictures.
  2. Once we receive the above, I’ll get started on your color analysis!


I use the current color analysis system (Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer — each having their own ‘sub categories’).

  • A PDF detailing what your color palette is and discussing the undertone of your skin.
  • A digital color palette you can print off to bring with you on shopping trips.
  • A larger digital color card to add to your phone or iPad to use when going through your closet to use as reference.
  • You’ll also receive instructions on how to best utilize your color wallet and palette to make sure you don’t miss any of your favorite colors.
  • I’ll share with you the best times of the year for you to shop based on your palette, and when to score the best sales, too!

Have you wondered about ‘Color Theory’ and how it works? There is the whole science behind it, find out more by clicking here.

* Analysis can take up to 14 business days to complete.

**An email is sent to you following your purchase with the instructions on what I need to start your analysis.

***Please check your spam and promotional folders for the emails.


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