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Full Makeover


A Full Makeover to reinvent yourself,  will have you WoWing everyone you encounter during your day!

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Full Makovers to WOWing everyone you see!

Reinvent yourself with a Full Makeover if you find your style is stagnant! It’s a definite must try and here’s a few tips to help find your perfect stylist fit. It’s an investment in yourself that will have you feeling like your true authentic self in no time. Over time, you will get your investment back and then some just because you will never buy pieces that doesn’t work for you or authentically help you be who you are meant to be!

Can you even put a price on those results? No, because you are worth feeling fabulous in your outfits Every.Single.Day! Your wardrobe carrys a Non Verbal communication whether you know it or not. If it is not truly reflecting who you are or your energy, you are sending out conflicting vibrations to who you are. That in effect, confuses everyone you come into contact with on a daily basis.

Not to mention, work or career. Take a look in the mirror, would you hire or promote you in your company? If the answer is no, then you could potentially need a Full Makeover. Let’s do an overhaul today! 

Included with this Solution:

  • A Style Profile for you to fill out
  • 30 Minute Call via Zoom or Skype
  • A Custom Style Board for your approval
  • A Body-Type analysis 
  • A Personality analysis
  • 4 hour Closet Session
  • A Shopping list identifying wardrobe gaps
  • 6 hour pre-shopping for our personal shopping session
  • 3 hour personal shopping together with a budget set by you
  • A post shopping closet session to show multiple ways to meld the new with the existing
  • Travel within the Central Arkansas area.
  • A Custom style workbook with all of the information covered during our sessions.
  • A Custom Digital Look Book of the outfits created during our sessions.
  • Additional access to me via email or phone for the next 2 months to answer any questions that may come up
~ Packages are valid 6 months from purchase date.


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