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You will be Amazed at the outfits I will find and without you spending a DIME!


Let's create outfits by

Let’s Shop Your Closet and find the outfits lurking around that you had no idea they were even there. When there’s too much clutter, gems become totally hidden from view and forgotten. Let’s find and style them in fresh new ways for some really cool outfits!

But before we get started, you may find it helpful to sort through pieces falling into the categories discussed here. It’s not a requirement but will help us to see what we’re actually able to work with and making the session go so much smoother!

We will uncover at least 12 fresh outfits from what’s there and the best part…it doesn’t require spending a dime! 

spring outfit

Included with this Solution:

  • A closet audit of the current pieces already in your closet.
  • Help on how to organize your closet so it will function beautifully.
  • Instruction on what to keep and what needs to go.
  • 1 to 2 modules pulled from your closet to give you 12 to 72 outfits.
  • Instruction on how to build future modules.
  • A list of missing wardrobe gaps to round out your closet potential.
  • Removal of purged items to be donated to local area shelters.


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