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Seasonal Change Up and Clear Out

Seasonal Change Up Ahead...

Seasonal change up and clear out. It’s that time of year again Hauties, where we are switching out our wardrobes for the upcoming season!

I particularly love this time of year because it’s my closet detox challenge or session time. For me, it’s time to change my wardrobe from Spring/Summer
over to Fall/Winter! (The season changes are different in relation to your location) 

Depending where you live, you may be switching from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer! Either way, I just love the layering opportunities this season provides!

Click on the image below and see Harper Bazaar’s Fall Fashion Trends!

fall layering
Fall 2021 Fashion Trends

Closet Detox Challenge...

So here’s my question to you, would you be interested in participating in a Closet Detox challenge?
It consists of one ‘fairly easy’ challenge for 5 days and at the end, your wardrobe is ready
for the upcoming season and will give you loads of outfits! 

2nd question, do you get excited when the closet detox rolls around? I used to NOT look forward to this daunting task but after doing it for several seasons, I have it down to a science that works. I hope it will work for you as well!

Hopefully the closet detox challenge will help you to sort out what works and what doesn’t so you
look fabulous everyday with the littlest effort possible. And who doesn’t want that?

If you’ve participated in either of the last 2 challenges, feel free to join again!

5 day challenge

Are you ready?

Twice a year I change over my wardrobe and created this challenge to help women with this daunting
task. If you would like to participate, just drop a message or email saying “you’re here for it!”

Closet detox

Let’s do this! 🙂

Until next time, XoXo,
CEO & Personal Stylist

PS. Don’t forget to drop your comment if you want to participate in the challenge or email me at silvermanebiz@gmail.com!

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