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Spring/Summer Wardrobe (Basics) Essentials

Spring/Summer Wardrobe Basics or Essentials

Let’s talk about wardrobe essentials for the Spring/Summer seasons! I can give you a list of basics or essentials that will make your wardrobe function better. However, if I tell you a leather biker jacket is essential but your personal style or lifestyle doesn’t require it, then it’s definitely not your essential. Same thing with a pencil skirt. If you’ve never had a need for one then it’s not essential for you. All to say, not every item will be essential for everyone but I do try to cover every lifestyle.

Know Your Body Type...

For an essential or basics list to work for you, you need to have an understanding of your own personal style and know your body type so you can choose your basics that will be perfect and essential for a fully functional wardrobe. Knowing everything about our body and personality is SO key to designing a wardrobe that is not only perfect for you but is essential to looking your cutest all while still feeling “PJ” comfy!

A stay-at-home mom’s basics/essentials list will look completely different than say a company’s CEO. So take in consideration your daily, weekly, monthly activities and adjust your basics list to fit those activities!

Basics Are Boring!

I know basics aren’t the most fun to shop for and are kind of boring but they are the foundation and glue that makes your wardrobe function! Think of your wardrobe as the house for your body because you live in your clothes! This is why it is so important to consider your lifestyle to get the perfect basics and key pieces that will work beautifully for you and make your wardrobe work overtime!

Basics are the “neutrals” which help glue statement or trendy pieces together seamlessly in an outfit! They also can give a colorful outfit a neutral to play off of. So yes, they can be a little boring but they are SO necessary in making a wardrobe fully functional!

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