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The Year of the Older Woman

The year of the older woman! As 2020 comes to an end, we look forward to the new year. For many, it’s a time for reflection over the past year and decide what changes we will make for the upcoming year. I’ve never liked the term ‘resolutions’, it has a negative connotation to it and I guess that’s why they never lasted more than a few weeks. As I have aged, I realize goals is a much better term with a positive spin that works for me. You see, goal says to me, it’s something to be achieved and gives me a sense of accomplishment when met. I just seem to work harder at reaching goals than I ever did trying to keep resolutions.

Reflection on 2020

As I reflected 2020, I decided my word for 2021 will be ‘Resilient’! Why resilient…first because I survived it and came out the other side fairly unscathed. Yes there where hardships along the way but I overcame them while learning new things about myself in the process. At a time when the world seemed dark, I found my resiliency to see the positive and move in those directions! I’m not going to lie and say it was easy because it wasn’t. There were days that my success was the fact that I made myself get out of bed! All in all though, 2020 definitely has made me a stronger, wiser woman!

Finding Positives

Some of 2020’s positives was finding inspiring women to follow on YouTube! One of these women said she felt like 2021 would be the year of the older woman. When I heard that, it literally struck a chord deep within. She perfectly summed up all the feelings I was having while thinking in 2021! I just feel like the world and her occupants need guidance and a HUGE hug from the Older Woman! So I’m going a step further and claiming it the year of the older, wiser, resilient woman and my vision board starts here!

Vision Boarding

Yes I create vision boards and have for several years. I must confess I never completed, for the first time, last years vision board and we see how THAT turned out!!! It will NEVER happen again I tell you! *insert nervous laugh* 🙂

This year I actually finished it on NYE with the last images pasted in place and proudly hung it on New Year’s Day mumbling under my breath, ‘Yes, this IS the year of the older woman! We will rise and shine while sending a huge hug to the world! Happy new year 2021!

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Embrace who you are and enjoy this blog as well!

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