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Travel Season & Tips To Relieve Stress

Got Travel Plans?

We’re heading into the travel season. Did you know planning for an upcoming trip is a stressor to most individuals? According to An Exploratory Study of Vacation Stress, a national panel of 110 US residents who reported taking a recent vacation, the data revealed pre-trip planning produced higher levels of stress when compared to the stress related to the actual travel to, or the stay at the destination. Because we want to reduce as much stress as possible, here are somethings to take into consideration when traveling. I hope I’m able to help relieve a little bit of stress for you when it comes to what you will pack for your trip.

Module Formula vs Capsule

If you recall, earlier this year I discussed the differences of a capsule wardrobe vs the module formula. (You missed it, click here to read the blog.) So have you executed the module formula in your wardrobe? If yes, a travel capsule will be super easy to build!

Wardrobe Considerations

While making your plans, let’s dive into the things you should consider: 

  1. The climate of your vacation destination – A quick Google search for the average weather and temperatures of the vacay location is a great start. 
  2. The length of the stay – This will tell you exactly how many outfits you will need to cover the full stay.
  3. The activities during the trip – This will give you an idea of what ‘type’ of items you will need.

Beach Vacay

Although beach vacations are the easiest to plan in my opinion, let’s use it as an example with the length of stay as 2 weeks. To keep things really simplistic, choose a ‘base’ color with 2 accent colors for the capsule. I’ve actually chosen 2 base colors of blue and white with pink and yellow for accent colors.

A 2 week stay will require 14 outfits total for the whole trip, 2 of which will be travel outfits. I usually wear capris and a tee for travel days so there are 2 items. Of course you’ll take a swimsuit and cover-up but we won’t count those in the capsule. 

However, to cover the whole trip, you’ll need 7 clothing items and 6 accessories. So to the pair of capris and tee, add 2 tops, 2 bottoms, and an outer-layer. As far as accessories, choose a straw ‘beach’ type tote, a straw hat, a cross-body, sandals, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of flip flops. This travel wardrobe capsule will give you so many outfit options covering the full 2 week trip with many outfits leftover!

Sum It Up

These are the exact tips I use when planning any trip for vacations, weekends, and business travel. Travel made easy for the least amount of stress!

Now the question is, are you using the module formula to edit your wardrobe? If not, click here and start putting it into action so your next travel trip will be a breeze to plan! Plus over time, you will have a fully functional wardrobe that will work double time with the minimal amount of clothing pieces. Then you will be a ‘Maximalist’!

What is a maximalist, you ask?  It means you will have the maximum number of outfit options with the least amount of clothing! And who doesn’t want that?

Until next time, XoXo,
CEO & Personal Stylist
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